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Jeffrey Wicks

Hello, I'm Jeffrey Wicks. I'm a criminal defense attorney.

Jeffrey Wicks is a criminal defense attorney specializing in capital (death penalty) defense.

Jeffrey Wicks's Background

Jeffrey Wicks's Experience

Attorney at Sedgwick County Public Defender

July 2000 - July 2002 | Wichita, Kansas

Representation of persons in Sedgwick County facing felony charges.

Attorney at Kansas Death Penalty Defense Unit

July 2002 - Present | Wichita, Kansas

Representation of persons in Kansas facing felony charges with an emphasis on those who could receive a death sentence if convicted.

Jeffrey Wicks's Education

Washburn Universtiy School of Law

1993 – 1996


Concentration: Law

University of Missouri - Columbia

1989 – 1993


Concentration: Political Science

Jeffrey Wicks's Interests & Activities

I enjoy spending time with my family. I am on the board of several non-profits, it's part of how I try and give back to the community.

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